петък, 9 ноември 2012 г.

Indigo Renderer 3.4

Indigo’s latest version comes with a massive performance upgrade in its Blender exporter.
Read more about the other exciting features and improvements here....

събота, 3 ноември 2012 г.

IES Lights in Cycles

IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric data over the web. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution. An IES file is basically the measurement of distribution of light (intensity) stored in ASCII format. You can think of it as a digital profile of a real world light. In 3d software like 3ds max it can be used for creating lights with shapes and physically accurate form.
Gexwing simulates the effect of IES Lights in Cycles.


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