понеделник, 29 август 2011 г.

DraftSight: Free CAD software

DraftSight is a professional-grade, open 2D CAD product for users who want a better way to create, edit and view DWG files. DraftSight is easy to use and is available for professional CAD users, students and educators to download and activate for free.*

Based on an advanced architecture, DraftSight has a small footprint, should take a few minutes to download, and supports Microsoft® Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (General Release), Mac® and Linux®** (Mac and Linux currently in Beta).

(* Standalone license. Activation required.)

DraftSight site

Autodesk 123D

Free 3D Modeling Software for Making Ideas Real

When you have an idea, you want to create it, make it, and hold it in your hand. Autodesk® 123D™ software can make that possible. Autodesk 123D provides useful tools for making things—for quickly giving shape to your idea, exploring it, and most importantly, making it. Autodesk 123D is free* 3D modeling software combined with content and fabrication services that work together, so you can create, explore, and fabricate your project. With Autodesk 123D, the idea is only the beginning...
Autodesk 123D site...

събота, 27 август 2011 г.

Blender Siggraph 2011 reel

Highlights of Blender work from artists and studios all over the world. Music "Bigger than us" by White Lies. Edited by Mike Pan. Reel can be used as Creative Commons, BY-NC-ND.

The offical Blender Foundation YouTube channel

неделя, 14 август 2011 г.

Blender 2.59 and SLAV

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.59. This is the third stable release of the Blender 2.5 series, representing the culmination of many years of redesign, development and stabilizing work.


At Youtube...

петък, 12 август 2011 г.


Anthony Scime
Fort Lauderdale, USA
Prize: $10,000 (USD) and 2 x NVIDIA Quadro 6000

The Nvidia Blog

четвъртък, 11 август 2011 г.

SLAV 1.08 for Blender 2.5x

New Version 1.08 from [11.08.2011]

Plugin Option:
- Checkbox - Add/Remove Morph Groups

Thanks Ashasekayi Ra

сряда, 10 август 2011 г.

Ashasekayi Ra: Second Life Rigged Clothing Series

Using the SLAV Plugin

This video demonstrates how to use SLAV Blender plugin to obtain the default Second Life avatar as well as the custom Second Life avatar in a few steps.

Youtube Ashasekayi Channel


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