събота, 29 декември 2012 г.

Интериорен проект - "БАР БЕЗ ИМЕ"

Еклипс Дизайн
Blender 2.65 Cycles Render time: 2 hours

четвъртък, 20 декември 2012 г.


вторник, 18 декември 2012 г.

Interior - "Eklips Design"

Интериорен проект на малък апартамент - всекидневна http://www.eklip.eu/

вторник, 11 декември 2012 г.

Blender 2.65 Released! OSL shading for Cycles,
rounded bevel, fire simulator, new modifiers, and much more!

вторник, 4 декември 2012 г.

Pinokio - lamp, robot, friend?
Pinokio comes in the form of a humble desk lamp, yet it redefines our experience of a lamp, a robot, or a computer algorithm. Pinokio the lamp is imbued with the ability to be aware of its environment, especially people, and to express a dynamic range of behaviors. As it negotiates its world, through the synthesis of the algorithm, electronic circuit and structural modifications; we the human audience can see that Pinokio shares many traits possessed by animals, generating a range of emotional sympathies. We are here to raise the questions: “What if an industrial object is created not as an obedient tool, but to live? What if an algorithm utilises user input to gain awareness of a situation, rather than being controlled?” We therefore created this robotic computing project to explore the potential of a “living algorithm”. Pinokio is by no means the most intelligent and self-sustaining entity. Nevertheless, we believe it is the expressive and behavioral qualities that makes Pinokio come alive. Just like Pinocchio the puppet who comes to life and confidently proclaims “I’m a real boy” – it is the irrepressible and seemingly instinctive impulse of living for its own sake in Pinokio that shines forth in poetry and magic.

неделя, 2 декември 2012 г.

Open Shading Language and Cycles

Open Shading Language (OSL) is a powerful shading system, which allows you to write custom shaders. It has been integrated into Cycles and will be inside of the upcoming Blender 2.65 release. See also here. and here Openshading.com

петък, 9 ноември 2012 г.

Indigo Renderer 3.4

Indigo’s latest version comes with a massive performance upgrade in its Blender exporter.
Read more about the other exciting features and improvements here....

събота, 3 ноември 2012 г.

IES Lights in Cycles

IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric data over the web. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution. An IES file is basically the measurement of distribution of light (intensity) stored in ASCII format. You can think of it as a digital profile of a real world light. In 3d software like 3ds max it can be used for creating lights with shapes and physically accurate form.
Gexwing simulates the effect of IES Lights in Cycles.

петък, 19 октомври 2012 г.

Еклипс Дизайн

Едно жилище се нарича дом, когато отразява личността на собственика си и е физическо пресъздаване на неговия вкус и поглед над живота оцветено от мечтите му. Разчитайки на професионализма на екипа ни Вие ще имате инструмента, нужен Ви да създадете дома, който да обичате. Еклипс Дизайн вдъхва на малки пространства голям потенциал, които разказват история, оставят съобщение и създават настроение. В нашите проекти естетиката и функциалността вървят ръка за ръка. http://www.eklip.eu/

неделя, 23 септември 2012 г.

Interior project "Elinor"

3D Blender 2.63 Cycles (3000 samples) ALBUM

събота, 22 септември 2012 г.

Interior Design Tables

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сряда, 16 май 2012 г.

Blender 2.63 Cycles Images

понеделник, 14 май 2012 г.

Blender 2.63 Cycles Images

Blender 2.63 Cycles Cuda Render

четвъртък, 16 февруари 2012 г.

Blender 2.62 Released

The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.62!

Blender 2.62 Release Log

A Second Life compatibility option was added for exporting armatures, along with a number of other fixes related to transformations and armatures. There is also a new development team that will try to improve the Collada integration further in following releases.

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петък, 27 януари 2012 г.

Stop ACTA!

After the US, European websites and citizens are now also in danger being limited in their freedom on the internet.

From Avaaz.org:

ACTA – a global treaty – could allow corporations to censor the Internet. Negotiated in secret by a small number of rich countries and corporate powers, it would set up a shadowy new anti-counterfeiting body to allow private interests to police everything that we do online and impose massive penalties — even prison sentences — against people they say have harmed their business.

Europe is deciding right now whether to ratify ACTA — and without them, this global attack on Internet freedom will collapse. We know they have opposed ACTA before, but some members of Parliament are wavering — let’s give them the push they need to reject the treaty. Sign the petition — we’ll do a spectacular delivery in Brussels when we reach 500,000 signatures.

вторник, 10 януари 2012 г.

Videotutorial: Anaglyphic 3D rendering

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make any animation or image (rendered in cycles or internal) stereo 3d. The way that this will be accomplished is by using the script from noeol.de (exact link is http://www.noeol.de/s3d/stereoscopic_camera_1_6_6.py). Enjoy the tutorial.

Stereo Rendering Script

понеделник, 9 януари 2012 г.


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