петък, 22 февруари 2013 г.

Blender 2.66 Released

Ton Roosendaal writes:
Here is a brand new release! Blender 2.66 has Dynamic Topology sculpt, Cycles Hair render, Rigid Body Dynamics, HiDPI screen support, and especially a lot of attention for usability and fixes. What do YOU consider the most important change or new feature?

четвъртък, 14 февруари 2013 г.

Miniatur Wunderland

четвъртък, 31 януари 2013 г.

Add-on: IES Files in Cycles

You can now import .IES photometric files into Cycles with this new add-on by Lockal.
Ray Tracer writes:
Great news for all the ArchViz people using blender Cycles! Lockal released an useful add-on for importing and using real photometric (.IES) lamps directly in Blender Cycles. As a bonus you can select the colour temperature of the lamp in Kelvin! After installation of this addon new item “IES To Cycles” appears inside “File” -> “Import” menu (also don’t forget about space menu). This add-on both works with standard and latest development releases.
Link: Download the add-on here.


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